About Harry

Hello, my friend and welcome to Pursue Your Freedoms!  If you are an individual seeking more financial freedom, more time freedom, and/or more location freedom, then you have found the right place.

Our focus is largely from an entrepreneurial perspective.  In this age of abundant online business opportunities, the average person off the street can create an income for himself/herself which allows these freedoms to be the driving forces in life.

My story

It was somewhat by accident that I got into online business.  I had three retinal detachments (two in the left eye and one in the right) in the space of a year and a half.  It has taken four eye surgeries to get my vision back nearly to normal.

So at 58 years old, I suddenly found myself out of work.  My wife has been in a few business ventures, and I spent quite a few years as a restaurant manager.  We have an entrepreneurial spirit, and earning money online has become our means to satisfy the freedoms that this site is all about.

Don’t be shy

We invite your opinions and comments on our posts.   Feel free to share your relevant stories.  We definitely encourage your feedback and suggestions at any and all times.  Join us in this venture, and let’s pursue our freedoms together!


Thanks for reading,

Harry Warren